London skyline govnet 2018

GovNet - Digital transformation and the skills you need to succeed

24 May 2018

Time: 8:30 - 17:30

Duration: 1 Day


This year’s programme will review how the transformation strategy can be used to help indicate potential areas of collaboration, increase capability and enhance the experience of interacting with online public services.

Peter Stansbury (Lead Author of Agile Digital Services) and Geof Ellingham (Chair of the Agile Business Consortium) will be presenting on “digital transformation and the skills you need to succeed”.

The Agile Business Consortium is in the process of releasing a new AgileDS handbook and accredited training course that will be of particular relevance to those involved in digital transformation in the public sector and ensuring the right capability and capacity is developed.

Learning points;

  • What makes an Agile Digital Leader
  • How to scale digital service development
  • How to govern effectively in Agile environment
  • An understanding on what accreditation is available
  • Understanding the latest on the AgileDS course
  • How this is supported by other offerings from the Agile Business Consortium