BCS Spring school 2019

BCS PROMS Spring School - 18 March 2019

18 March 2019

Location: BCS London, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Duration: 3 Hours


Part 3: Governance, PMO and Certification for Agile

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Spring School Series 2019 (book once, attend all four)

Part 3: Governance, PMO and Certification for Agile - Monday 18th March 2019

Part 4: Agile Case Studies - Monday 25th March 2019 

Agenda (for all 4 sessions):

18:00 - Registration with tea, coffee and biscuits

18:30 - Presentation including Q&A

20:00 - Networking with sandwiches, wine and soft drinks

Close by 9.00pm


The most effective project teams are those where team members are working consistently to common standards. The presentation will start by emphasising the relevance of personal certification in Agile, which lead to The Agile Business Consortium being the first organisation to offer personal certification in Agile. Since 1995 it has built a reputation for providing a meaningful professional development career path for those who want to demonstrate their knowledge and practical agile experience. This short opening session will explain the current options available. 

With the ever-growing popularity of Agile, a question commonly asked is whether established governance and governance groups like the PMO still have any relevance. Based on many years of personal experience running agile transformations in complex corporate environments, Andrew and Barbara will position and explain the continued relevance of governance and the PMO in an agile organisation.

Speakers Bios:

Barbara RobertsBarbara has been working in Agile from the beginning - the early days of RAD. She has been actively engaged with the Agile Business Consortium (formerly the DSDM Consortium) since day one, and ran one of the early adopter projects in 1994/5 which helped form the first version of DSDM. Since then Barbara has been actively involved all things Agile. 

Barbara has led many successful Agile transformations in a variety of sectors and providing coaching and mentoring at all levels within the organisation.

Barbara has been the Agile Business Consortium Director for Professional Development for many years, and is still passionate about developing effective, experienced Agile professionals. She led the Consortium's Agile Strategy and Portfolio workgroup, which launched a midi book in December 2017. She has also co-authored several other Agile Business Consortium products, including the AgilePM® Handbook and the Estimating for Agile pocketbook.


Andrew Craddock Andrew learned about DSDM and Agile as a project manager at British Airways in the 1990s and has worked as an Agile consultant, trainer and coach with many organisations, large and small since leaving BA in 2001. Throughout, he has been an active member of the Agile Business Consortium - formerly the DSDM Consortium. 

Andrew currently Chairs the Product Board and has been responsible for the health, vitality and evolution of our products and guidance for most of the last 10 years, and is delighted to continue leading a team of passionate and vastly experienced Agile professionals in the evolution of the Framework for Business Agility.


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