Agile Leadership: How Mindfulness Enables Success

8 December 2017

Location: On Line

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Duration: 1 Hour


The Framework for Business Agility provides an evidenced based approach to guide and support organisational change at any level. Built on the foundations of communication, commitment and collaboration (C3), the Agile Culture and Leadership Nine Principles describe the competencies, capabilities and capacities that Agile leaders need to deliver successful business outcomes.

In this webinar, we will discuss how mindfulness enables effective Agile leadership, which is essential to deliver successful change initiatives. We will examine the Agile mindset and the Nine Principles of Agile Leadership through the lens of mindfulness. Beyond just simple awareness, mindfulness underpins the values and principles of the Agile mindset. The benefits of mindfulness include increased focus, improved productivity and better decision making. This webinar will demystify mindfulness and discuss the link between it and success.

Image of Kathy Berkidge Speaker at Agile Business Conference 2017

Kathy Berkidge

With a background in software development, Kathy has over 25 years of experience in I.T. working, with teams to deliver software and process improvements for organisations both large and small. As a mindfulness practitioner, Kathy is passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations succeed and thrive within an environment of collaboration and harmony. Kathy works with organisations to implement mindfulness practices that provide benefits to individuals, as well as teams, that result in innovative solutions and increased customer value. In addition, Kathy has worked with many Agile teams, delivering Agile training courses, coaching and consulting.