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Baring the essentials of leadership

5 July 2017

Two of the foremost experts in business transformation have joined forces on a mission to help organisations become more Agile and successful.

David Taylor, founder of Naked Leader, the international leadership consultancy, and author of the world’s fastest selling business book, has teamed up with the Agile Business Consortium, the not-for-profit organisation that pioneered Agile thinking and continues to be at the forefront of the field.

Together they will deliver The Agile Naked Leader – a package of training sessions, workshops and seminars to ensure that public and private sector organisations become more Agile in all aspects of their business, from culture and leadership to strategy and projects.

The initiative will launch on 19 July with a webinar presented by David Taylor and hosted by the Agile Business Consortium. Subjects to be covered include:

•             Learning how to be an Agile leader

•             Unlocking the value, confidence and agility of employees

•             Stripping out costs, stress and uncertainty

•             Identifying quick victories in becoming a more Agile organisation

•             Taking control of the future of your business in uncertain times

An orange suite on a hanger with the words naked leader written underneathDavid Taylor said: “The ‘naked’ approach strips away the hype, jargon and mystery from leadership, business and success, and now we look forward to doing the same with Agile.

“By focusing on some simple fundamental principles, leaders can quickly unleash the full potential of their workforce and create a stronger, more resilient, adaptable organisation that will deliver greater value and profit even in challenging economic times.”

The strategic partnership between the two organisations brings together the rich experience in leadership, behaviour and results of Naked Leader with the Agile Business Consortium’s longstanding expertise in the development and application of Agile thinking.

Mary Henson, the Consortium’s chief executive, added: “With all the current uncertainty in the business world, there has never been a more important time for organisations to be able to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities.

“The Agile Naked Leader is an exciting new initiative that brings together complementary ways to effect business change.

“David Taylor is a globally-recognised expert in leadership – he provides companies and leaders with the vision of where they could be, while Agile provides the frameworks and support to get them to their final destination.”

To access the webinar, which takes place at 3pm on Wednesday, 19 July,

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