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AgileDS out of public beta

8 January 2019

The Consortium is pleased to announce that AgileDS is now out of public beta.

Feedback on the public beta release has been very positive – with only a few typos and minor adjustments required – so the handbook, course materials and exams are all being set to live.

AgileDS was created using the very process that it teaches in the handbook, which is why beta feedback has been so positive.

As part of the AgileDS process, clients are engaged early and prototypes are tested with them – which is what the Agile Business Consortium did right from the alpha development stage.

Over 200 people have been through AgileDS training in alpha and private beta to help create a product that works from the perspective of end-users and training commissioners, as well as being technically robust.

There are no changes to the syllabus and exams from Beta to Live.