Scrum vs Kanban

Scrum vs Kanban an international study

11 December 2018

No matter what agile suits your purpose and organisation, the Agile Business Consortium strives to be agnostic and promote Business Agility worldwide. As part of our Generation Agile campaign we aim to promote studies and research into the development of agile.

Wael Zayat is a PhD student in Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. As part of his studies, Wael is focusing on the Integration of Scrum and Kanban in the Framework of Agile Development. Support Wael’s project by taking part in his survey.


Project title: 

Integration of Scrum and Kanban in the Framework of Agile Development


Project description: 

System development methodologies are constantly evolving due to changing products and new demands from users. By definition, agile is an iterative development methodology that values human communication and feedback, adapting to changes, and producing working results. This process can be directed using one of two methodologies: Scrum which is a based on the idea that by splitting time, product and organization, processes can be optimized to guarantee impressive results. Kanban on the other hand, is a scheduling system of visual management aimed at just-in-time delivery excluding team overloading. Like Scrum, Kanban tracks ‘to do – in progress – done’ activities, but it limits them by the number of ‘work in progress’ activities (the number is defined by the team manager and cannot be exceeded). 

Although these two methodologies have some similarity, there are conclusive differences in applying them.

This survey has been prepared to understand the link between different projects settings and the methodology being applied. The output of this study would give information about where to use Kanban and where to use Scrum.


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