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Organisations say agile training gives them 90% of the bangs they wanted for their bucks

3 December 2018

Course Conductor, a global training research and advisory firm, has published the first independent Trusted Training Radar™ Report, revealing organisations achieve 90 per cent of their target training outcomes when they invest in AgilePM® training.  Those outcomes include: improved organisational agility, reduced costs from optimised project delivery processes, increased certifications, increased agile skills and knowledge as well as enhanced team morale. 


The report is based entirely on unbiased opinions received directly from 41 organisations that have used AgilePM® to train 4,484 employees, as well as 3,310 verified learner reviews published on

Developed by the not-for-profit Agile Business Consortium and examination institute APMG International, more than 100,000 AgilePM exams have now been completed worldwide.

 John Williams, CEO of the Agile Business Consortium, said: “We were already confident that AgilePM is the most popular agile project management qualification in the world – and now this Trusted Training Radar™ Report independently demonstrates that it is highly effective in fulfilling the objectives of the organisations and learners who use it.

“Organisations that contributed to the Trusted Training Radar™ Report said that investing in AgilePM training increased organisational agility, reduced costs, optimised project delivery processes and increased the skills and knowledge of their teams.”

Based on the feedback received from organisations and learners, Course Conductor’s proprietary algorithm applies a robust investment methodology to AgilePM training vendors; and calculates scores for ‘Confidence to deliver training outcomes’ and ‘Learner Satisfaction’.  The scores are used to verify providers as Leaders, High Performers and Contenders.

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Training providers named as Leaders in the Trusted Training Radar Report for AgilePM include agileKRC, ILX, ChangeQuest, CUPE International, Indigo Blue, QA, e-Quality Italia, Bristol Management Centre, Viable Projects, Quint Wellington Redwood, Quanta Training and Raj Khanna Associates. Those named as High Performers include Knowledge Train, SPOCE, Balance Global, Novare Consulting, Glasspaper Learning and Snap-Tech.

The Trusted Training Radar Report for AgilePM will be updated every six months so organisations can access the latest performance insights about the AgilePM course, and the training vendors that meet the Trusted Training Radar inclusion criteria.

Craig Kilford, CEO of Course Conductor, said: “Yesterday’s organisations wanted to know the costs of training their people; today’s fast moving organisations demand to understand the value, and as such want evidence to give them confidence that investing in specific training courses will contribute to the success of their transformation strategies.  

“By removing the marketing noise and placing the customer voice at the heart of the training investment conversation, I’m proud that Course Conductor’s independent peer insights enable organisations to make more informed and efficient training vendor and course selections.

“I believe the results of the AgilePM Trusted Training Radar Report not only set a positive benchmark for the Agile Business Consortium and the training vendors, but also for other training courses in the industry.”

AgilePM training courses can only be delivered by an APMG Accredited Training Organisation, with exams independently marked by APMG. Details of all accredited training organisations are available at

APMG CEO, Richard Pharro, added: “The report states that 91% of AgilePM learners say their certification training will have a high or very high impact on their ability to do their job better.

“Professional certification is important to both businesses and individuals. It inspires a learner with the confidence that they have the knowledge and skills to implement agile project management which can directly improve business performance.”


For more information and a copy of the report, go to