Agile Animals

Are you an Agile Animal?

18 October 2018

At this year’s Agile Business Conference, we launched our latest campaign Agile Animals. We are celebrating agile thinkers with the help of our furry friends from Guide Dogs UK.

What is Agile Animals?

We want to support and highlight your agile successes however big or small, whilst also supporting our chosen charity Guide Dogs UK.

Why we chose Guide Dogs UK as this years Agile Animal of the year?

Dogs are naturally agile; sensing, reflecting and responding to activity and emotion in their immediate environment. Guide dogs are trained to help support people with sight loss to move around safely and confidently. Each partnership is based on a relationship of respect, trust and care – just like a truly agile team.

This is why we’ve named the guide dog as our Agile Animal of the Year, and why you have the opportunity to win your very own guide dog mascot, and join our agile wall of fame.


Agile AnimalsHow can you become an Agile Animal?

To enter our campaign is simple, all you need to do is nominate your colleague(s) or team and tell us why they deserve to be this month’s winner. Do this by sharing and posting across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AgileAnimals.

At the end of each month we will select the most deserving candidate (hints photos/ testimonials will score higher) and we will send you your new team mascot in the post to display proudly in your home or workplace.

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