As of 2018, the Agile Business Consortium has added the new class of “fellow” to our membership.

fellow is a member of a group of people who work together in a fellowship pursuing mutual knowledge or practice


How fellows are selected

Consortium fellows are individuals who have made a significant, positive contribution:

  • to the establishment, evolution or promotion of the Consortium
  • to the recognition and adoption of Agile methods or business agility in a way that reflects the values of the Consortium

There are a maximum of ten nominations annually which are approved by a specially convened panel


Arie van BennekumArie van Bennekum - Co-author of the Agile Manifesto - Thought leader

Arie is a thought leader who has embedded his pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense from his early days in health care and the military forces, to where he is today. One of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, over the years, Arie has become an expert on Agile transformations. www.integratedagile.com

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David Alexander Taylor David Taylor - Founder of Naked Leader - Author - Visiting Professor

David is the founder of Naked Leader and is a best-selling author. He is the winner of the prestigious “European Business Speaker” award and has keynoted in 40 different countries. As well as working wonders within television, David is a professor of Leadership at Warwick University Business School, Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Ulster Business School and Coach to CEOs.

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Dan NorthDan North - Technology and business consultant

Dan is a technology and organisational change specialist who has been coaching, coding and consulting for over 25 years. He applies systems thinking, lean and agile principles to solving complex business and technical problems, enabling his clients to anticipate and respond to the challenges of changing business needs.

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Dot TudorDot Tudor - Fellow of the Agile Business Consortium

Dot is a business change agent who uses agile and business analysis to improve the way organisations manage projects and achieve successful business change. She is a founder and Technical Director of TCC Limited. She was one of the co-authors of the DSDM Agile Project Framework and AgilePM and is the author of the guidance for AgileBA.

Dot's specialties include: Agile training, coaching, mentoring; Facilitation; Agile leadership; Agile Business Analysis; Agile Project Management

She is a recognised conference speaker nationally and internationally and a published Author. She is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Certified IT Professional


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Ed Holt Ed Holt - Fellow of the Agile Business Consortium

Ed is the founding Chairman of the DSDM (now Agile Business) Consortium in 1994. As a pioneer of “agile” in IT, his interest now is in extending the benefits of business agility to the wider organisation. Ed’s business background is in running high-tech companies and he now works as a strategy consultant, continuing to help the Consortium in its new mission.

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Jennifer StapletonJennifer Stapleton- Fellow of the Agile Business Consortium

From its formation in 1994 Jennifer played a key role in the DSDM (now Agile Business) Consortium.  She contributed to and edited the first version of DSDM which was launched in February 1995 and as Chair of the Technical Group continued her involvement in evolving the framework.  She served as a DSDM director for ten years until 2005 and more recently acted in an advisory capacity to the Consortium’s teams working on later versions and extensions of the framework. Jennifer is now retired and enjoying many hobbies including spending time on her narrowboat.


Julia Godwin Julia Godwin - Independent Consultant

Julia has been involved with the Agile Business Consortium since DSDM’s inception in 1994. She has worked across the world assisting organisations with introducing DSDM. Julia has twice been one of the Consortium directors, with particular involvement and interest in Professional Development, Framework Development and International application.

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Keith Richards - CEO, agileKRCKeith Richards Fellow

Keith is the CEO of agileKRC, a pioneering company specialising in all things Agile. He led the team that created DSDM Atern® in 2007 and in the following years he was a prominent member of the team that launched the AgilePM® qualification accredited by APMG. In 2015 he was the lead author for PRINCE2 Agile. As well as being an Agile Awards Winner in 2011 for the UK’s Most Valuable Player, he was also a DSDM Director from 2005 to 2014. He is a regular speaker internationally on topics related to project management best practice in an Agile context. www.agilekrc.com

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Les Oliver Les Oliver - Agile Business Development Consultant

Les is a highly experienced leader for business/ sales development/ marketing, with a strong focus on transforming sales delivery organisations and increasing revenues and margins. With over 30 years’ experience of services-oriented IT sales and marketing with large multinationals and niche market SME’s, he has deep real-world experience of Agile. He is a certified Agile practitioner, member and ex-director Agile Business Consortium. 

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Mary Henson - CEO of Agile Business Consortium

Mary Henson - Fellow of the Agile Business Consortium

Mary was CEO of Agile Business Consortium for 18 years up until September 2018, and with the organisation from the beginning.  Mary has a strong focus on empowerment and developing the right team skills. Mary found a natural affinity with the Agile ethos, becoming an advocate in the early days of the approach. She has seen the Consortium achieve great success as a global leader in promoting business agility and, through its collaborative approach, develop guidance to help organisations realise the benefits that Agile can bring.  

Mary previously worked in the banking and manufacturing sectors and has lived and worked in several European countries. 

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Per-Magnus SkooghPer-Magnus Skoogh - CEO/Managing Director of mPeira

Per-Magnus is a long time agilist and author of Agile for Managers. His first love is DSDM followed by Scrum and XP. He has served on the board of both the Swedish and International Agile Business Consortium boards. www.mpeira.se

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Peter Coesmans Peter Coesmans - Independent project/programme managerr 

An independent project/programme manager, Peter Coesmans’ goal is to focus on available talents to get the job done, “I believe it’s people that create success, not processes and procedures.”

Involved with DSDM and Agile since 1997, he was the first DSDM practitioner and trainer in the Netherlands, and was one of the first DSDM certified consultants.  He has led projects and change programmes across a number of industries: food, energy and high-tech sectors, for Dutch government and in research, all of them non-IT related.

More recently, Peter’s focus has been about sustainability: social, ecological and economical.

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Peter Measey Peter Measey - Chairman and Founder Radtac Ltd

Peter started working within the IT Industry in 1982 as a Computer Operator for the European Space Agency. Over the next 10 years, he evolved his career through many IT roles including coder, business analyst and project manager. Peter is a worldwide presenter at Agile conferences and most recently, was a panel member at the launch on the Agile Business Consortium’s “Agile Portfolio Management” product.

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Steve Messenger Steve Messenger - Fellow of the Agile Business Consortium

Steve has been active in Agile since its inception, pioneering iterative approaches from the mid 1990s and promoting the use of Agile in project and programme management and beyond.  He chaired the Agile Business Consortium (formerly DSDM) for seven years and saw it grow and prosper during his chairmanship.  He is also a published author, contributing to many leading publications for the Agile Business Consortium and for the wider Agile community. He has also written his own book, “Understanding Agile – a Guide for Managers”.  He now concentrates on writing, consultancy and training.

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Barbara Roberts

Barbara Roberts

Barbara ran one of the DSDM Early Adopter projects in 1995 and has been actively involved with DSDM and the Consortium ever since. As a certified Agile Business Consultant, Barbara has run and supported Agile transformations in all business sectors. Barbara has been involved in the creation of many of the Consortium’s products:  She initiated the creation of AgilePM, co-authored Estimating for Agile, and most recently led the team creating Agile Portfolio Management.

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