Melbourne Launch

Agile Portfolio Management: Closing the Strategy to Execution Gap

27 November 2017

The Agile Portfolio Management (AgilePfM™) midi book is launched!

Barbara Roberts revealed this new guidance in events in Melbourne and Sydney over the past two weeks. The UK launch follows on 4 December, after which time this new publication will be available to purchase from for just £15


AgilePfM takes Agile thinking to a corporate level. It offers the essential boardroom perspective that many have suggested has been missing – aligning new ideas and innovation with successful delivery of organisational strategy.


The purpose of portfolio management is to ensure that an organisation is doing the right initiatives to deliver the strategy. In the 21st century world of constant change, this needs a different approach to how portfolios have been run in the past. How can organisations stay focused, but still be flexible in responding to change and remain open to new ideas?

Melbourne Launch













The new AgilePfM framework introduces the concept of the Portfolio Innovation Hub, demonstrating how ideas from anywhere in an organisation can objectively be evaluated alongside exisiting initiatives, to feed through and find their rightful place in the portfolio.


The two Australian launch events attracted record numbers of attendees and have created a wave of enthusiasm about this new guidance. Here are just some of the ways that AgilePfM has been described:


“A common sense and lightweight approach to closing the gap between business strategy and execution.”

"Corporate strength Agile" 

“The concepts of galaxies, vacuum cleaners, sand and egg timers, otherwise known as the Agile Portfolio Management model.”


Barbara Roberts comments,

“Having spent the last 2 weeks talking corporate strength Agile to groups of senior people in both Melbourne and Sydney, it has been great to see the growing interest and enthusiasm for an Agile style that works comfortably within complex organisations, both in the commercial and public sector spaces.”

Melbourne Launch









The two global launch events in Australia were hosted by project management consultancy PM-Partners.  


Keep checking the website for more on Agile Portfolio Management, as the rollout evolves.