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Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns - A story of team sizes

31 August 2017

Quite frequently, project teams are asked by management and/or project boards to increase the size of the team, to either bring timelines forward, or as a means to deliver all scope in tight deadlines.

In this video, Myriam covers how well known economic laws and theories demonstrate the dangers of this practice, how Agile approaches these risks, and the considerations that need to be taken into account before increasing the size of the team.

Myriam Hamed Torres - Agile on the Beach

Myriam Hamed Torres

Myriam is currently Software Development Manager at Thomson Reuters, and has a wealth of experience as an Agile Project Manager in various industries. She is extremely passionate about delivering successful results, as well as coaching teams to help improve the way they work. Myriam is a DSDM Agile Professional (previously DSDM Advanced Practitioner) and Certified ScrumMaster supporting many Agile communities. 

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Myriam Hamed Torres Agile on the Beach

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