Essentializing the DSDM Agile Project Framework

By Ivar Jacobson | 8 December 2015

Essentializing the DSDM Agile Project FrameworkA robust Agile project management and delivery Framework

DSDM Consortium has a long history in successfully delivering quality solutions on time and within budget. Moving beyond team based practices it recognises the complexities involved in modern solution development. It takes a more holistic approach that acknowledges the variety and range of stakeholders necessary to develop and embed a solution within a business. In order to make such a project successful, a diverse collection of individuals need to be enabled, engaged and empowered.

Essence Helps You Essentialize Your Methodology

Essence is a new OMG standard that provides a common ground or language for describing all software development methodologies. A methodology is ‘essentialized’ when the essence of it has been captured and described in a superlight way using the Essence standard without changing the idea of the original methodology.

The value of ‘essentialization’ is that people can learn a new practice much faster than with any other approach, compare it with other practices, compose it to a method (with many proven practices) and modify/change their method as time goes by. Applying Essence makes it fundamentally easier to govern the number of methods you have in your organization so you create an effective learning organization. Moreover, an essentialized method is not just a static description, but it helps the team while they actually use the method – allowing them to measure progress and health at any moment in time during their endeavor. Actually there are a number of benefits for organizations adopting the Essence standard, which will dramatically result in Better, Faster, Cheaper software and Happier customers and users.

Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) has ‘essentialized’ a number of agile approaches including Scrum, Unified Process and User Stories. Ivar Jacobson International is working with the DSDM Consortium to ‘essentialize’ the DSDM framework in order to produce a platform than can be used:

  1. in training to check and enhance understanding of the framework
  2. to define ‘core DSDM’ and be Foundation examinable
  3. to allow for the simpler and consistent development of extensions to DSDM
  4. to show how DSDM compliments Scrum with respect to Project Management and Governance

PDF iconessentializing_the_dsdm_agile_project_framework.pdf