Taking the Pulse of Your Agile Culture: An Interactive Event hosted by Agile Marketing Alliance

This event is co-hosted with our strategic partner The Agile Marketing Alliance – a global community of Agile Marketers.

Agile Culture is a critical element of overall Business Agility. Take the Agile Business Consortium's Agile Culture Pulse Survey and gauge how agile your organisation's culture really is. Experts will help guide you through your survey results and show you how to make progress in evolving your organisation's culture. We'll also be covering success patterns and anti-patterns relating to Agile culture.

Note: please take the pulse survey ahead of the session to ensure you get maximum value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore what Agile Culture means to your organisation
  • Recognise the behaviours behind Agile Culture
  • Measure seven different areas of Agile Culture in your organisation
  • Gain awareness of success patterns and anti-patterns of Agile culture as it relates to Business Agility
Agile Marketing Alliance

Agile Marketing Alliance

The Agile Marketing Alliance is the only free, global online community focused on Agile Marketing. We are passionate about Agile marketing, and have a mission to learn, share, and grow together. We strive to help ourselves and each other to become better marketers, to advance our careers, and to rediscover the joy of marketing.

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Melissa  Reeve

Melissa Reeve

Co-founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance and Agile Marketing Thought Leader, Agile Marketing Alliance

As co-founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance, SAFe contributor and Agile marketing thought leader, Melissa has over 25 years of experience leading marketing teams in the high tech, education and agile spaces. Prior to co-founding the Alliance with Jim Ewel, she created the Agile Marketing with SAFe course, founded the SAFe Business Agility podcast, and helped lead the evolution of the Agile Marketing Manifesto in 2021. An active speaker and thought leader in the Agile marketing space, Melissa lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA with her husband, chickens and dogs, where she enjoys hiking and gardening.
Rod  Willis

Rod Willis

Professional Executive Coach, Assentire Ltd

Rod has supported the agile community for many years, facilitating workshops and conferences among like-minded people. Outside of the agile community, he facilitates the Windsor Leadership Trust’s Emerging Leaders Programme where he is known for his work on collaboration and mindset development, integrating Design Thinking and Continuous Improvement with Group Dynamics. Rod is also a Director and Co-founder of Assentire Ltd and is the subject matter expert for the "Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere" managed by APMG and remains actively involved in supporting this growing community.