Intercultural Competency Training - how can it help your organisation be more agile? 8-9am GMT

Intercultural competency training is given to employees so they can examine the cultural differences between nations. This helps deal with business challenges and improves communication.  

Having the right knowledge and demonstrating the appropriate behaviours in intercultural interactions is increasingly viewed as an important part of organisational agility. This interactive and informative session will explain why. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • To clarify what intercultural training is and what it is not 
  • To show examples of intercultural training in practice 
  • To highlight how this training can impact organisational agility 

Level: 1  

NOTE: This session will be repeated at a later time for US timezones


Mat  Davies

Mat Davies

Client Account Manager, Linguarama

Mat is a Client Account Manager at Linguarama. He helps organisations drive their own tailored training solutions. He drives cultural training programmes forward by developing materials and occasionally delivering training workshops. Mat was a language and cultural coach for 15 years in academies and universities in the UK, Japan, and Germany. He cares deeply about organisational culture and change.