The information provided here is from the Culture and Leadership stream of the Agile Business Consortium.  Our intention is to use this area to share, collaborate and test our thinking with other interested parties. 

Take Part

Our ideas, thinking and product set are evolving and we'd like you to be part of the evolution.  You can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Originator – join the core team to shape and develop the thinking around Agile Culture and Leadership
  • Contributor – add expertise, knowledge and/or case studies in line with existing work
  • Reviewer – feedback on material produced
  • Tester – use elements of the framework in practice

Documents for Review

We've started by looking at Agile Leadership, the documents listed below are currently available for review.  Please feel free to feedback any comments you may have before Monday 15th May 2017.  After this date the documents will be updated and formatted with enhanced graphics for wider publication on the ABC website and beyond.  This link may be circulated to colleagues or others you believe could make a positive contribution to the evolution of this work.

An Executive Summary of the 9 Principles for Agile Leadership is here - PDF iconagile_principles_exec_summary_-_version_4_final.pdf




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