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Why I Love Working For The Agile Business Consortium ❤

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By Abi Walker | 8 February 2019

Whether you celebrate it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought it would be timely to explain why I love working for the Agile Business Consortium.

I have recently passed my six-month mark at the Consortium, and I am already excited about what the next six months will bring. Coming from quite a corporate background, I initially found the switch to an agile business very different – and in a good way.

Here are the top ten reasons I love working here…


  1. Flexible working hours – Ideal for appointments, dealing with the peaks and troughs of work and early finishes on a Friday. According to Powwownow’s survey from 2017, 70% workers viewed a job with flexible working options as more attractive than one with a traditional environment. Their research also showed that 30% of employees would choose a flexible working environment over a pay rise. Personally, I find that the main benefit of flexible working hours is that is has drastically improved my work-life balance.


  1. Minimal hierarchy - We have a ‘flat organisation’, with less levels of hierarchy, self-managing teams, and a very approachable CEO. This is very different to the corporate background that I came from.

    We also have a lot of individual authority and responsibility. Because our business strategy is clearly communicated to the whole team, we are able to manage our own schedule of work in order to reach the organisations goals, rather than being micromanaged and having to continuously report back.


  1. Everyone is involved in decisions - it's a rewarding feeling to sit down as a team to discuss ideas and come to a decision together. Our CEO is very good at doing this. As a team we all understand how we got to a decision and we always know that our thoughts are heard – even if not everyone agrees with them!


  1. Focus – For me, being organised and having some sort of structure really enables me to focus and get work done. Ok, this might not sound very agile, but the tools I use to enable this are. Each Friday afternoon, I’ll put aside time to work on my goals for the week ahead and prioritise each individual task to help me achieve these goals. This means that when I come in on a Monday morning, I am motivated and ready to go. It helps me manage my workload, and I also get a great sense of achievement when I move my list to done. This is what gives me focus, and a sense of achievement when I clock off on each day. Achievements are also recognised by the team, which is a great motivator!


  1. Increased productivity - due to the focus on team objectives, and great work-life balance, that myself and my team have, productivity is at a high. Agile working allows us to be more creative. The team at Agile Business Consortium are always full of ideas, and we are forever sharing them with each other.
  1. Working in an agile way - I had never even heard of Trello before starting at the Consortium, but now I cannot live without it. I also find the MoSCoW tool extremely useful, and I even used it when doing my Christmas shopping!


  1. Open and transparent team communication - Each working week starts with a stand-up meeting, which is a brilliant way to briefly discuss as a team what plans we have for that week. It also gives us the opportunity to raise any issues that we may be encountering. It's wonderful how open we are with one another; it makes for a harmonious working environment, and you always feel able to ask questions. Allowing individuals and teams to work closely with one another improves cross-collaboration on tasks. It also means that as individuals we can voice our opinions, and these are met with respect.


  1. Staff retention - If the work environment is healthy, and everyone feels like they're treated as an equal, of course this is going to have a beneficial effect on staff retention. I have never worked somewhere before where people really enjoy coming in every day. This is helped by the amount of support and motivation we receive as a team. I feel valued, which in turn makes me feel secure in myself and in my role.


  1. Home working - Brilliant for days when I want to get my head down and focus on a task, as it reduces the amount of time spent travelling to and from the office. It also gives employees the freedom to work in the best location for them, utilising their time and resources most efficiently.


  1. Forever learning – Each day I learn something new and I am sure I will continue to do so until the day I retire. Scientific studies have shown that continued learning throughout adulthood improves brain health, so I am hoping that by working for an agile business my grey matter is going to be forever fit! From learning about the way we work as a team, to researching hot topics to blog about, there’s never a day where my brain isn’t having a work out. Business agility is always evolving, so it’s important that we keep up with the wealth of knowledge that is out there.

What does Abi love about working for the Agile Business Consortium

Agile working is about working in a way that suits both the individual and the business. If you would like to find out more about what agile is, read the blog here.

We would love to hear what you love about working for your business!

About Abi Walker: 

Abi Walker is the Head of Content for the Consortium. She is based at our HQ in Ashford, Kent. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her English Springer Spaniel, visiting tea shops and hanging upside down at pole fitness.

You can find Abi on Linkedin.


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