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By John Williams | 17 January 2019

Business schools have received a lot of criticism in recent years for being (allegedly) out of touch with real business, too theoretically focused, and lagging business timelines. At the same time, some business schools have made great strides in connecting with the business community and fulfilling an ‘applied’ agenda as well as an academic one.

However, even those schools at the forefront of academe-business engagement haven’t yet married their curricula with Business Agility, and its application in the real business world.

As stated in a March 2018 Business Insider article by Richard Socarides “MBAs don’t protect you from change, or help you absorb large amounts of information necessary for adapting”.

So, the Agile Business Consortium will be working with our university partners to deliver an initial approach to the Agile MBA.

At the outset, it will be based on the development of short-form add-ons, with the prospect of elective agility-specific modules, and eventually an embedded Business Agility theme. Our objective is to bring together the robustness of academic rigour with the creativity, innovation, and adaptiveness of true Business Agility. At Agile Business Consortium we really believe that the world’s businesses need a whole agile generation.


Generation Agile

At Agile Business Consortium we believe we need a whole agile generation. The world’s businesses need all their workers to have the skills and aptitudes of agility, to enable them to adapt to today’s changing world, if we want them to thrive.


Generation Agile is not a specific age group; It’s everyone still at work in five years’ time;It’s everyone leaving school, college or university now;It’s the young people in compulsory education today, and;It’s the babiesbeing born tomorrow

This means that business and education have to work together to provide current and future workers with the learning to act in an agile way. An Agile MBA is a significant step in that direction.


Get involved

If you are interested in being a part of our Agile MBA group as we develop this new approach, we would love to hear from you. Email with the subject ‘Agile MBA’, and we’ll be in touch.

John Williams is the CEO of Agile Business Consortium, and has an extensive background in the public, private and third sectors, including stockbroking, inward investment promotion, international business, banking and higher education. He has lived or worked in the Far East, Middle East, North America and Europe as well as the UK, and has owned companies in the UK and Hong Kong. 


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