Member Training Day April 2018: What did you miss?

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By Pam Ashby | 3 May 2018

Consortium member days are a great way to catch up with other Agile community members, make friends and network, and most importantly – learn. 

All members have full access to the session videos after the event, but it’s not quite the same as being a part of it. These days are packed full of experiential learning opportunities and watching a video from the safety of an office environment isn’t the same.

So, if you weren’t with us, what did you miss?

Agile Portfolio Management

Consortium Director, Barbara Roberts, discussed an Agile Portfolio approach. She pointed out that there are two main audiences for the new Agile Portfolio Management (AgilePfM™) guidance: organisations that are already doing Agile, and those that are new to Agile. “AgilePfM can be used as a light framework to start thinking about being more flexible” she suggested.

She highlighted two critical portfolio rules:

  1. If it’s in the portfolio, it’s got to be in the strategy
  2. If there’s no strategy – stop

“Portfolio Management should be a dynamic and interactive experience. Your strategy is not something you should be aiming to laminate and put on the wall” 

Members can watch Barbara’s full presentation in the Videos area of the Member Zone

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Agile Generation Hackathons

Aga Gajownik is a hackathon facilitator and one of the speakers for the Agile Business Conference 2018. She discussed the challenges faced by an education trying to prepare young people to thrive in a changing world. Talking about the power of collaboration, she offered food for thought when she said:

“One person can spark another, and the insight is in between and not with any single individual.”

Aga works with educators, running hackathons and using the structure of Scrum to help young people learn. She uses shared purpose to help teams connect and understands how to enable people to learn and improve more effectively.

Members can watch Aga’s full presentation in the Videos area of the Member Zone

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Leading Innovation Projects

Dr Vali Lalioti is an innovator. She focuses on the importance of innovation for growing not only our companies, but our society. She talked about the value of virtual reality and disruptive technologies, pointing out that “it’s never about technology alone, and always about people”. 

For Vali, current attention needs to be on how much humans can influence what computers do. 

“How do we design growth for a human society with machines?”  

Vali values an Agile approach and an Agile culture, and referred to case studies including how Toyota harnesses the intellect of ordinary employees. 

Members can watch Vali’s full presentation in the Videos area of the Member Zone

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Are you Really Agile?

Traditionally, there’s a lot of interactivity and game playing at Consortium Member Training Days. Attendees with high expectations on this were not disappointed! Katie Taylor and Parag Gogate from the Consortium’s Culture and Leadership Working Group led a game exploring the impact of Agile Culture. A game designed to surface insights and trigger conversations about how culture affects the success of an organisation’s initiatives.

Agile Digital Services (AgileDS)

Last but not least was Peter Stansbury, the lead author of Agile Digital Services (AgileDS) who gave an update on the status of this very Agile course and qualification development project. 

“Often when a course is created, course architects disappear into a darkened room for a long period of time, and then finally there is one big reveal when every aspect of the course is completed.  

AgileDS took a completely different route, and is the result of a wealth of user research and involvement and has evolved and adapted through iterative development.

Members can watch Peter’s full presentation in the Videos area of the Member Zone

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If you are a member of the Consortium and you and your organisation are not taking advantage of these free training days, you may want to explore how you and your organisation could benefit. 

“I’d definitely say it’s worthwhile. I’ve got so many ideas, and it’s not just for me. It’s about being able to identify those links for other people in the organisation and materials that are going to be useful for them.”  

Natalie Fisken, Portfolio Planning and Governance Manager, Virgin Holidays


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