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By Pam Ashby | 5 October 2018

There’s been a definite buzz this week. The two-day AgileBizConf18 event has taken place, but it doesn’t end there. The community of speakers and delegates are busy sharing their insights and their thinking. They’re supporting one another to become more Agile; more responsive and adaptive to meet the challenges of a fast changing world.

Hashtag #AgileBizConf18

Are you following the hashtag #AgileBizConf18?

Put it into the search bar on LinkedIn right now, and a ‘follow’ button will magically appear. Now you can see with full transparency everything that anyone on LinkedIn has posted about the conference. (I recognise there is also Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on but this is a snapshot view.)

“An excellent space for exchange of knowledge, inspiration and positive energy.” Adina Tarry, AI Strategist & Coach

“A thought-provoking conference,” say LHBS from Berlin, “Let’s kick-start the Agile Generation!”

“Traditional HR, your time is up #AgileBizConf18” says Anders Larsson.

This one really caught the mood:

“Such a great vibe at this conference, reminded me of the PMO Conference, everyone I met was passionate, great networkers and very welcoming. And it had dogs!” writes Lindsay Scott.

And so it goes on.

Business Agility has come of age 

What seems clear is that the ‘Creating Generation Agile’ conference marks a point where Business Agility itself has come of age. It’s true to its heritage and benefits from the rigour of its software development past, but the conference was a genuine and balanced mix of professionals from all sectors and functions. 

In a LinkedIn article, Agile coach Liz Barron confesses that it’s been a while since she last came to the conference and “It's come a long way since then and great to see that rather than just being in the domain of IT enabled change, it has grown to encompass the whole organisation including HR, Marketing, Procurement and many others, as a way to deliver business value while minimising risk.”

The CIPD’s People Management magazine wrote reflected the messages of keynote speaker CIPD CEO Peter Cheese “We’ve got to teach people to adapt,” he said “and the reality is that we also have to teach ourselves to adapt.” The CIPD article quotes a variety of speakers, and the discussions within the Agile HR panel. The article highlights the role of HR is leading business agility:

“Liam Russell, staffing business partner at Google, said believing in employees was good but added there was an “element of facilitation” on the employer’s part. 

“All of that is enabling people to become responsible for their roles,” Russell said. “The idea is, ‘You’ve progressed onto something else and allowed yourself to grow’, and it’s about helping them along that self-growth journey.” 

blog from Magma Digital focuses on the mindset aspects of Agile, referencing Dr Sue Black’s Agile journey to saving Bletchley Park, gaining her OBE and championing women in tech. They enjoyed Hilary Scarlett talking about neuroscience and Agile “and how this can be understood when we consider change and behaviour in our organisations.” The Magma blog heralds keynote speaker Dr Nicola Millard from BT as their top pick! Nicola spoke about the changing nature of the workforce and the impacts that has on productivity and effectiveness.

Strategy, business agility, people and leadership

Business Agility has come of age, and all business functions are working together to find new ways to adapt and respond. The journey is just beginning, but the direction and guidance from speakers and delegates alike at #AgileBizConf18 has provided a massive resource of knowledge and new thinking.

“Great time at the #AgileBizConf18” Philippe Guenet summarises, “At last we are speaking about strategy, business agility, people and leadership.” 

If you weren’t with us, videos of the sessions will be available soon at  

We can’t determine yet the insights that #AgileBizConf19 will bring, but put September 25 & 26 2019 into your calendar now and keep them free.



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