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#AgileAdvent - Week 4

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By Abi Walker | 24 December 2018

Just like a chocolate advent calendar, throughout December we have been offering a piece of our Agile Advent calendar every day in the lead up to Christmas.

Consortium members and friends have been adding to, sharing and liking our daily agility tips on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, using the hashtag #AgileAdvent

Here's a compendium of the tips for this week. All in one place but with links back to the posts if you'd like to share or comment on them.


22nd December

Saturday's #AgileAdvent tip was from our Marketing Executive (and cookie conenssiour), Emily Ruffle! The Agile Business Consortium has been developing its thinking on culture, and specifically what Agile Culture means for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Check out our whitepaper, Towards an Agile Culture, here.

#AgileAdvent - team strengths


23rd December

Sunday's #AgileAdvent tip is from the Consortium's Programme Manager, Parag Gogate. Successful businesses are built on relationships, and the foundation of all relationships is trust. Without trust, the ability to come to an agreement will be compromised. Trust within the workplace can reap many benefits including increased productivity and effective teamwork.

#AgileAdvent - trust


24th December

 Last, but certainly not least, our final #AgileAdvent tip on Christmas Eve was shared by our wonderful webinar host, Jenny Bailey. Agile businesses work faster, better and deliver greater value for money – delighting customers, motivating staff and so driving profit! Why would you work any other way? Take a look at our blog, 5 steps to Business Agility.

#AgileAdvent - be agile


We have been truly thrilled with the number of people sharing and liking our daily agility tips on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, using the hashtag #AgileAdvent. We really hope that you’ve had great value from our Agile Advent calendar, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!




About Abi Walker: 

Abi Walker is the Content Manager and Events Coordinator for the Consortium. She is based at our HQ in Ashford, Kent. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her English Springer Spaniel, visiting tea shops, attending car shows, and hanging upside down at pole fitness.

You can find Abi on Linkedin.


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