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#AgileAdvent - Week 3

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By Abi Walker | 21 December 2018

We've now come to the end of the third week of December, and Christmas Day is only a few days away! We're still counting down to the big day, with our Agile Advent Calendar!

We have been thrilled with the amount of people sharing and liking our daily agility tips on TwitterLinkedin, and Facebook, using the hashtag #AgileAdvent

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Here's an overview of the tips that have been shared on social this week. All in one place but with links back to the posts if you'd like to share or comment on them:


15th December

The Chief Executive of agileKRC, Keith Richards, shared the below tip on sustainable pace within Agile. Agile processes promote sustainable development within the organisation, and sustainable pace is one of the principles of the agile manifesto which was created in 2001. It is considered important for organisations who want to deploy agile within their teams because it ensures that teams are responsive and open to change, maintaining strong communications and collaborations to create a wisely prioritised and achievable result.

#AgileAdvent - sustainable pace


16th December

On Saturday, we shared another tip from The Nine Principles of Agile leadership. The work of the Agile Leader is to be aware of what is in the hearts and minds of their colleagues then to unify and align those values into inspired action. Read the full whitepaper, "Principle 4: People require meaning and purpose to make work fulfilling", here.

#AgileAdvent - meaning and purpose


17th December

On Monday, the team at Radtac shared this tip about leaders within agile Monday. But what is the difference between an Agile leader and someone who is simply ‘a good leader’? Read the blog here, by Pam Ashby, which discusses her webinar with consortium member, Mark Buchan. Members can access the full webinar, "Nine things Agile Leaders do better than non-Agile Leaders", in the membership area of the website.

#AgileAdvent - agile leaders


18th December

Agile Marketing supports the success of busy marketng departments. This was recently discussed in a webinar between our Communications Consultant, Pam Ashby, our webinar host, Jenny Bailey and Radtac's Head of Marketing and PR Sabina Stoiciy. Take a read of Pam's blog, "5 Ways Agile Supports Marketing Success", here.

#AgileAdvent - agile marketing


19th December

Wednesday's tip was was put forward by me, as I believe that with Agile working, it is about having the right people, at the right time. Each individual will bring their own set of skills, which can positively influence the ability of a team.  Finding the right people for the right roles has never been easy, and it’s getting harder. Take a look at our blog here, which discusses recruiting the Agile way.

#AgileAdvent - right people right time


20th December

Thursday's tip was taken from The Nine Principles of Agile leadership. Agile Leaders build communities based on high trust, respect and meaningful working relationships. Collaboration is an important aspect of organisational life and is an essential ingredient for enhanced performance, creativity and innovation. Read the full whitepaper, "Principle 8: Collaborative Communities achieve more than individuals", here.

#AgileAdvent - collaboration


21st December

To end week 3 of the #AgileAdvent calendar, Radtac shared the below tip on Agile culture. For an organisation, having the ability to be responsive, adaptive, and successful in the face of uncertainty is both powerful and compelling. See the suggested elements of cultural DNA in Pam Ashby's blog, "White Paper: Towards an Agile Culture", here.

#AgileAdvent - culture


We really hope that you’ve had great value from the third week of #AgileAdvent. As always, we would love to know what you think! You can contact me on email – abi@agilebusiness.org or through any of our social media channels.  

Remember to keep an eye on our social media for the final few days of #AgileAdvent!


About Abi Walker: 

Abi Walker is the Content Manager and Events Coordinator for the Consortium. She is based at our HQ in Ashford, Kent. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her English Springer Spaniel, visiting tea shops, attending car shows, and hanging upside down at pole fitness.

You can find Abi on Linkedin.


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