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#AgileAdvent - Week 2

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By Abi Walker | 14 December 2018

We've now finished the second week of December, and we are still counting down to Christmas Day with our Agile Advent Calendar!

Members and organisations we know, and those we didn't know until now, are adding to, sharing, liking our daily agility tips on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, using the hashtag #AgileAdvent

Just like a chocolate advent calendar, we have been offering a piece of our Agile Advent calendar every day in the lead up to Christmas!

If you've not yet been part of the action, follow us on social media and share your own Agile tips with us, using the hashtag #AgileAdvent. You might even see yours appearing at a later date!

Here's a compendium of the tips of this week. All in one place but with links back to the posts if you'd like to share or comment on them:


8th December

The Consortium's Marketing Executive, Emily Ruffle kicked off the second week of the #AgileAdvent calendar with a valuable tip on being open to adapting to a changing environment. Change is all around us and the pace of change constantly challenges businesses and leaders. Take a read of this blog, inspired by change expert Hilary Scarlett; the blog explores why we find change so difficult.

#AgileAdvent - adapt to changes


9th December

An interesting take on planning in agile, by our Business Analyst and Systems Administrator, Karen Hicks. AgilePM® places strong emphasis on planning shapre and structure but without getting into too much detail. Did you know that the AgilePM pocketbook is freely available to refer to on this website? You can find it here.

#AgileAdvent - planning and structure


10th December

The team at Radtac shared this motivational tip on Monday, which serves as a great reminder to focus on achievements. Employees who are supported by achievement-focused leaders, have a much better job satisfaction rating than those who aren't as motivated and committed to achieving goals. Agile leadership is a critical part of business agility, and we have a strong focus on leadership here in the Consortium. Did you know we have a Culture and Leadership Community? You’ll find a wealth of resources there, including our ‘Nine Principles of Agile Leadership’ white paper. If you prefer a two minute read, try "How an Agile Approach makes me a leader", by Melanie Franklin or ‘Changing how we Lead’ based on the conversation Jenny Bailey had with Alan Furlong in a recent webinar

#AgileAdvent - achievements


11th December

Our Content Manager and Events Coordinator, Abi Walker, believes that shared passion and commitment is a gift that connects all of the team! When employees are passionate about what they do, they will be open to self-improvement within their role, and the business in general. The Agile Business Consortium has been developing what Agile Culture means for organisations of all shapes and sizes. The white paper, "Towards an Agile Culture", takes the results of our comprehensive research into agile culture and sets out a vision of what it could mean for your organisation..

#AgileAdvent - passion and commitment


12th December

Another useful tip from Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International; Not only can time-boxing help with the completion of a goal at work, but it can also come in useful when it comes to Christmas shopping too! Take a read of the Timeboxing chapter of The DSDM Agile Project Framework, which can be viewed online here.

#AgileAdvent - timebox


13th December

Thursday's #AgileAdvent tip was put forward by Katie Taylor, a Director of the Agile Business Consortium. Businesses that can embrace Agile are able to adapt faster, delivering little and often, testing the environment and remaining customer focused. Take a look at the recently published report, collated by Course Conductor, which revealed that organisations achieve 90 per cent of their target training outcomes when they invest in AgilePM® training. 

#AgileAdvent - Agile organisations


14th December

To end week 2 of the #AgileAdvent calendar, we shared a tip from our whitepaper on The Nine Principles of Agile leadership. Read the full whitepaper here

#AgileAdvent - great ideas


We hope you’ve had great value from this second week of #AgileAdvent. Let us know what you think! You can contact me on email – abi@agilebusiness.org or through any of our social media channels.  

Keep an eye on our social media for the next week of #AgileAdvent!


About Abi Walker: 

Abi Walker is the Content Manager and Events Coordinator for the Consortium. She is based at our HQ in Ashford, Kent. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her English Springer Spaniel, visiting tea shops, attending car shows, and hanging upside down at pole fitness.

You can find Abi on Linkedin.


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