Adapting to a World of Artificial Intelligence

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By Pam Ashby | 11 May 2018

The Digital Age is with us. It’s speeding forward at a terrific pace and shows no signs of slowing. Our lives are now technology driven and we need to find out how to co-exist effectively in a world where artificial intelligence and now virtual reality are really making their mark.

“Technology is developing so fast and artificial intelligence is becoming an increasing part of our lives,” observes AI strategist Adina Tarry in a webinar with the Consortium’s Jenny Bailey. For Adina, we need to work out how we respond to this rapidly changing context that is out of our control. “Technology has outpaced biology” she confirms, “We can’t actually multitask. If you walk down the street, it’s clear when people pick up their phones as they slow down or stop. We cannot focus on our mobile screen effectively, and also walk effectively; the focus on one lowers the quality of focus on the other...In Holland there are now texting lanes for those slower walkers that use mobile phones, who would otherwise cause a disruption to the overall movement of the other pedestrians.” We simply cannot keep pace with technology, yet it is all around us; Siri, Cortana, Google Translate are all forms of artificial intelligence.

“We need to be more aware of the part technology plays in our life, so that we can empower ourselves to use it well and not be controlled by it.”

Adina suggests that everyone needs to improve their self awareness, to tap into their full capabilities and build new ones to prepare for the increasingly digital world. “That way,” she says, “We can influence events actively rather than be overwhelmed by them.”

Responding to Change

To be truly adaptive, people need to be able to respond to change. Adina points out that the ability to do this relies on having a strong core that will flex without breaking. 

“True resilience is being able to restore equilibrium after the storm” she says. 

Adina details 4 “I CAN”steps:

IDENTIFY an issue or problem. For instance, the fear of losing your job and being replaced by technology.

CONTEXTUALISE this in the wider world to see what is happening elsewhere relating to this problem.

ANALYSE with an inwards focus, to assess the impact on oneself.

NEUTRALISE by using information from within and without. Decide what can be done to prepare for this change.

She advises that people and organisations should prepare to stay successful in the new technological world. To achieve this will need many of the skills associated with an Agile culture:

  • Collaborating to create better outcomes together
  • Experimenting and exploring to make the most of human curiosity
  • Valuing meaning and purpose
  • Empowering people
  • Continually seeking out ways to improve

When we are considering the expanding role of technology “We must not neglect the enormous resource within ourselves,” she warns. “If we explore and surface our attributes and capabilities with full awareness, this will make us more successful regardless of what comes our way.”

Adina Tarry will be presenting at the 16thAgile Business Conference on 26 & 27 September, where she will be exploring how organisations can cope with the challenge of new and emerging technology. 

Recordings of all our webinars can be found in the Resources area of the website. 


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