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2018's Top News Stories!

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By Abi Walker | 4 January 2019

Happy new year! We take a look back at the Consortium’s top news stories of 2018, surrounding business agility.


 What Type of Agilist are you? 

Ever wondered where you sit on the Agile spectrum? Back in January 2018, we created a short quiz, just for fun, to see what type of Agilist you are. It's not too late to take part!


 Paving the Way for Generation Agile 

In February, we announced that the theme for The Agile Business Conference would be “Creating Generation Agile". It’s almost universally accepted that we need to work differently to be adaptive, responsive, and more Agile. Through generation agile, we want to prepare our young people to be successful and effective in an uncertain world. This was all discussed in much detail Via our three tracks; people, strategy, and delivery at the 2018 Agile Business Conference.


 How can Agile help us educate? 

Agile techniques have brought the rigour and creativity they demonstrated for IT and software development into the wider business world, and now they are becoming increasingly valued in education.


How can Agile help us educate?



 The latest paper from the Agile Research Network 

The Agile Business Consortium are proud supporters of the Agile Research Network (ARN). In April, they released a paper which explored the “Value in a Digital Services Project”. Read the paper here, to learn more about their latest findings and recommendations.


 Community and connection 

Published in Manufacturing Today Europe, this article discussed putting people first to release their potential and the elements that are key to fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment at work.


 Estimating made easy: Show us your poker face! 

In June, our popular estimating tool, planning poker was added to our webshop! With planning poker, each player has a set of cards and the aim is to play a round of poker for each user story in your project. Buy your pack here.


Estimating made easy: Show us your poker face!



 Remote working: a fact of life! 

In July, we saw the launch of this valuable pocketbook, which looks at remote working. Advait Deshpande, Helen Sharp and Leonor Barroca of The Open University and Peggy Gregory and Katie Taylor of the University of Central Lancashire were the brains behind the latest work from the Agile Research Network (ARN).


 Why agility begins with your HR induction 

Agile organisations can't exist without Agile people – it’s true! Take a look at this article which was first published Management Today.


 Welcoming John Williams to the Consortium 

At the end of September, we welcomed our new CEO, John Williams, to the Agile Business consortium. Our webinar host, Jenny Bailey, recently invited John to a webinar to chat about his first few months with the consortium, which can be found here.


Welcoming John Williams to the Consortium



 Agile Digital Services: A Success Story 

In the October issue of Open Access Government, the CEO of AMPG International, Richard Pharro, discussed the importance of Business Agility, making the shift to digital, and our new AgileDS™ handbook.


 Australia Member Training Days 2018 

November 2018 saw the Agile Business Consortium host three Member Training Days in Australia.

These training days were led by Barbara Roberts, our Professional Development Director who facilitated discussions around specific challenges and topics brought up by delegates.


 Delivering effective digital services in an Agile way 

First published in the December issue of Open Access Government, Peter Stansbury introduced us to the new AgileDS guidance, published to support the Agile development and evolution of digital services.


2019 happy new year


As we look back on 2018, we would like to thank all of our friends, partners, and members of our community, who have helped us to spread the message of business agility. 

Thank you for a fantastic year, and we wish you all the best for 2019!


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