2 minutes with Pia-Maria Thoren

2 Minutes with Pia-Maria Thoren

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By Abi Walker | 15 February 2019


1). How did you come to agile/business agility?

Well, I have worked with these large Talent Management system implementation projects of HR processes and saw what agile could do for HR. So, I created an Agile HR training which turned into an Agile Talent certification in 2018 after I wrote the book “Agile People”.  It’s an ICAgile certification in the agile HR space and is part of the Business agility track from ICAgile. Now I expanded my offer to also cover a Certification training for agile leadership called ICP-ALP (also ICAgile) that will convince leaders to be prepared and embrace the agile values and principles and enable business agility.

2). What's your current job title?

My current title is Inspiration Director or Agile People Coach since both these titles inspire me and make me want to work harder to change organisations.

3).  What do you actually do?

I am supporting organisations to become more agile through values, motivation and new ways of working for HR and Leadership. “Agile People” represent two sides of the same coin (HR / Leadership) where HR support leaders, who support employees. 

We need both groups to push agile together with finance and other support functions, to create truly agile organisations and this is my area of expertise. If we share goals and start measuring improvement on a strategic path towards greater agility, we will move closer to enabling adaptable organisations. 

4). How have you pushed agile through organisations?

I work with large customers, mainly training/coaching them to get the right mindset.  Being an entrepreneur myself, today without employees (and no intention of having any) I form close partnerships with other entrepreneurs and build on a loose network structure with companies with a similar vision. 


5). What's the biggest issue you see in your community at the moment?

Lack of awareness of what to do about the increasing global / technical complexity and talent acquisition & retention. Lack of psychological safety for unleashing creativity and innovation power.

6). Which books would you recommend?

Agile People – a radical approach for HR & Managers (that leads to motivated employees)

Agile People – a radical approach for HR & Managers (that leads to motivated employees)


Pia-Maria is the author of Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees), and the founder of Agile People. She specialises in Agile HR, Agile leadership and Motivation. She has worked as a consultant with many of Sweden's largest companies, helping them to implement HR processes and solutions, always spiced with an agile mindset.

On Wednesday 27 March, Pia-Maria will be joining the Consortium's Webinar Host and Head of Corporate Relations, Jenny Bailey to discuss enabling agility through people. Book you webinar slot here.


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