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AgilePgM – Managing Programmes in an Agile Way

AgilePgM® provides valuable direction for all professionals seeking to manage programmes in an Agile way. It builds on existing knowledge of programme management methods to show how those involved in programmes may need to think, act and react differently in an Agile environment.

culture_and_leadership_-_desk_3_people.jpgThis leading certification and qualification has been developed by the Agile Business Consortium, and training and examinations are offered through the global awarding body APMG International.

The guidance draws on the content of the DSDM Agile Project Framework and provides programme managers with a disciplined but flexible Agile approach to transformation and change at programme level. AgilePgM demonstrates how programme managers can target iterative and incremental delivery of outcomes and benefits, whilst ensuring robust governance. It shows how to ensure a programme will capture its vision, whilst empowering autonomous teams.