Agile Business Awards 2023

March 22nd & 23rd, 2023 will see the first Agile Business Awards Conference! Application deadline 8th December.

8th December 2022.

No, there is no cost to apply for an award.

Organisations selected for awards will be contacted the week commencing 30th January, 2023 and invited to speak at the Awards Conference.

The Agile Business Awards Conference will combine live and recorded sessions as needed to account for the variance in time-zones.

  • Organisations intentionally aligning to agile principles, values and practices in HR, Marketing, Finance or Overall Business Agility
  • Membership of, or affiliation to, the Agile Business Consortium is not required 
  • Organisations also entering other categories of these awards 
  • Organisations may nominate themselves or others to enter

  • Organisations sponsoring the awards are not eligible to enter, although they can nominate others
  • Third parties representing an organisation are not permitted
  • The organisation will be awarded the recognition for excellence. There are currently no categories exclusively dedicated to individual excellence, although this can be covered in an organisation’s entry.

    The assessment will be based upon the Framework for Business Agility (FBA) and relevant Manifesto and principles for each awards categories. The application therefore has to:

  • Describe what has been achieved in the areas of the FBA
  • Provide evidence (including screen-grabs, verbatim quotes, pictures) which can be uploaded to support the story
  • A badge, certificate and kudos will be awarded along with the recognition. This is a great opportunity to receive public recognition and publicity around your achievements. There is no cash prize.

    There are four awards categories, and three organisations will be awarded in each category:

  • Agility in Finance – includes Procurement​
  • Agility in HR​
  • Agility in Marketing​
  • Overall Business Agility​
  • We aim to select 3 examples of excellence within each category – there will be no winners or runners up.

    Every entry will be reviewed by three independent reviewers. Each reviewer will be given a list of applicant names, before submissions are sent to them, to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

    Yes, these awards are designed to shine a light on great practices within functional divisions as well as overall business agility.

    The overall list of reviewers for each category will be made public after all submissions have been received (after 8th December). This is to ensure people aren’t applying based on who is doing the score sheet.

    Just know they are knowledge experts in that field, and you’ll want to impress them!

    No, I’m afraid not. We would like to stay as inclusive as possible so choosing a location is always difficult! Virtually, we can reach you all, without the stress of travelling!

    If you would like to opt into a physical meet, please let us know and we can consider this for the future.