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Generation Agile - Change Agents

People and organisations around the world are working to change the way that we do education for both children and adults to become more agile. We're collecting as many of these change agents as possible here. 

If you know of additional organisations or individuals who are furthering the cause of agility in education, please get in touch here. We'd like to know about them.

America Succeeds

We are the nation’s leading force for mobilizing the business sector to improve schools. Today’s economy calls for us to embrace flexibility, to commit to a lifetime of learning, and to creatively approach problem-solving. Simply put, today’s economy pushes us to be agile; the economy of the future demands it. In this the Age of Agility Report, America Succeeds tells stories and presents data about the seismic shift in the education-to-employment pipeline.
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Apps for Good

We've reached 143,200 students in 3,400 schools since 2010. Our courses teach students about new technologies while equipping them with the problem solving, creativity and teamwork skills needed to thrive. After a course, students show a significant increase in technical and non-technical skills.
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Big Change

We believe education is everyone’s business, so our mission is to pioneer change together. This means gathering insights from across sectors, target action where it’s most valuable, and activate support within a diverse community so that all young people thrive. The world is changing fast, we need to rethink what we do today to help young people realise their potential, whatever the future may bring.
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The Foundation for Young Australians

The future is going to look very different. At FYA we believe young people are not a problem to be helped or solved. Young people are ambitious, creative and capable of rethinking the world and solving tomorrow’s problems today. And can do it all with a social conscience that will let them build a better world in the process. FYA is all about backing the next generation of young people who are going to rethink the world and create a better future.
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The challenge: How to educate young people for a future where work will be very different from today. Our response: We look for ways to prepare young people for good jobs in the future - testing and growing approaches to teaching skills that will complement new technologies and be relevant in a more automated world. We also focus on improving access and effectiveness in digital learning technologies.
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